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Saint-Tropez, a true legend:

Saint-Tropez combines this old-fashioned charm with its status as the preferred destination for the rich and famous.
The small and charming village of Saint-Tropez starts being a center of attention from the end of the 19th century. Time has passed but this once tiny fishing village remains one of the favourites places of trendsetters from all over the world: every summer, images of movie stars, oligarchs and models enjoying champagne on yachts and dancing in nightclubs adorn the pages of celebrity magazines, all with the same caption “spotted in Saint-Tropez”. Some come here to enjoy the town’s wild party and dreamy beaches, others settle in Saint-Tropez relishing the tranquility and discretion that, paradoxically, the village also offers.
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Palmyre, “back to the roots”.

“Chez Palmyre” was at the very beginning a bar restaurant where the entire Saint-Tropez’s could meet: fake or true stars, fishermen, locals. “Chez Palmyre”, everybody danced with everybody regardless of social status; It all happened in a friendly, warm and cheerfully atmosphere.
This place was in fact the reference for parties in Saint-Tropez since the beginning of the previous century up to the seventies.
In 1956, Roger Vadim filmed “And God Created Woman”, strengthening the legend of Saint-Tropez and creating an indelible link with Brigitte Bardot: the scene where Brigitte Bardot is dancing took place at “Palmyre”.
The legendary restaurant Palmyre no longer exist, but Palmyre has now become a brand gathering several restaurants and bars, as welle as a 5 stars hotel, some residential accommodations, and a private beach.
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